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  • 18Karat Gallery 1156 Yonge Street Toronto, ON, M4W 2L9 Canada (map)

Precious and valuable things are considered to be so because we dream them into being. We will them into existence and ordain them as holy because they are rare and exclusive - imbued with the power we give them. We overlook the common, the routine, and call it ordinary. We discard everyday things, forever searching for that special moment, special person, special thing - our precious.

If value is a decision made or an opinion held, can we not choose to see it whenever and wherever we please? Do we only understand the value of something when we risk losing it, or are never able to possess it? Perhaps it is only in absence that we truly understand the value of having.

PRECIOUS is an exhibition that asks us to compare what we desire versus what we discard – to consider the ease with which we abdicate responsibility from items determined to be of ‘lesser-value’. By creating precious artwork and art jewellery from everyday, discarded and overlooked items, Micah Adams, Christine Dwane and Lawrence Woodford remind us that our world is shaped by the decisions we make. Whether disposable or sustainable, beauty is everywhere we choose to look.

Earlier Event: February 28
Later Event: March 9
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