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Vol. 7 No. 2

Vol. 7 No. 2

Fall / Winter 2012


‘New’: that was the word of the issue – and it immediately began to take on a life of its own. We decided to draw some inspiration from the symposium held at OCAD University in March. This one-day conference was entitled ‘Craft and the New Economy’ and it presented some of contemporary craft’s most exciting people and ideas.

Craft and the new economy? Great! New Economy means recycling and reducing, re-inventing techniques and rediscovering processes. In BC it means figuring out how to make ends meet as a craftsperson, in Manitoba it means reusing old craft-fair concepts in a 21st century manner. In Newfoundland in means evaluating the politics of economy and in Saskatchewan it means looking at ecological art practices. All over Canada it means asking critical, sensitive questions of the people who would use craft for their needs, whether it’s the makers, the exhibitors or the sellers. This may sound familiar, but it’s all new.

And as familiar as all this, is change. During May, change spilled out of the articles and into the lives of the Studio team. We announce with a heavy heart that Shauna Cake, Editor in Chief for the last 5 years – the one who sits up nights nursing each issue through to its worldly form – will be stepping down from that role. Shauna will maintain close ties with the magazine she has defined and we look forward to welcoming her back in the future. (We always reuse and recycle at Studio.) Shauna’s relentless, insistent, tireless championing of Studio is why it looks like it does today and why it can proudly represent Canadian Craft. Shauna’s guidance and strength will be missed. Thank you Shauna. Leopold Kowolik will now assume the Editor in Chief position on a permanent basis and Jenn Neufeld stays as Managing Editor with Gord Thompson as Senior Editor.

So there is much that is new in Studio this issue, but as always, there is constant familiarity in the re-inventing of our craft.

Leopold Kowolik,
Jenn Neufeld,
Gord Thompson




Did You Know?
Recycle, Reuse: Michael Prokopow rediscovers.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Eight creative Canadians with time on their hands (and minds).

Review: Valid Objects of Beauty
Cinzi Colella returns to the travelling exhibition of Susan Rankin’s work.

Review: Junkosphere
Gloria Hickey evaluates the exhibition at The Rooms.

Review: The C-Word
Heidi McKenzie reviews the recent Harbourfront Centre exhibition.

From West Kootenay, BC.


Craft and the New Economy
Marie O’Mahony offers an adaptation of her keynote address from the March symposium.

Terence Dick Interviews Les Manning
whose thirty-year career includes election to the Order of Canada for fundamental contributions to Canadian Craft.

The members of this pioneering collective live in 5 different provinces – Katherine Ylitalo looks at a new world of making it work.

More than survival…
Jean Kares introduces 3 makers who discovered surprising benefits from the question of financial survival.

The Ecology of Craft
Lissa Robinson finds that a relationship to surroundings is an inspiration to repurposing in craft.

Blessing or Curse?
Tiana Roebuck considers the craft of international chain store Anthropologie.

What is Old is New Again
The renaissance of the craft fair tells old and new truths to Kerri-Lynn Reeves.

Crafting Community
Large social issues create an immediate sense of community for some Newfoundland makers. Gay Decker discusses.

Vol. 8 No. 1

Vol. 8 No. 1

Vol. 7 No. 1

Vol. 7 No. 1