Nehal El-Hadi
Editor in Chief

Nehal El-Hadi is an editor, journalist and researcher based in Toronto. She has previously lived in London (UK), Muscat (Oman), Khartoum (Sudan) and Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan).

With over 15 years of writing and editing experience, Nehal’s interdisciplinary work has appeared in journalistic, academic, literary and art gallery publications, and is forthcoming in several anthologies and edited collections. Themes explored in her writing include the relationships between virtual and material spaces, the agency of digital objects, and gendered and racialised online experiences. Her short film Blaxites (2019) was commissioned by the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queens University and is being used to teach about the implications of technology use.

Nehal has a Ph.D. in Planning from the University of Toronto and is a Visiting Scholar at York University’s City Institute. She has taught place-based writing courses at the University of Toronto Scarborough and creative non-fiction and poetry to community groups.

Dale Barrett
Art Director

Dale's practice focuses on the development and design of identity programs, marketing materials and publications for art galleries, museums, arts organizations and cultural institutions. He uses the language of design to shape client messages in fresh and compelling ways without sacrificing the proprietary nature of the message. Following undergraduate studies (B.A. Fine Art, Asbury University), he worked in various positions in the art gallery sector, and currently works for Canadian Art magazine.

Lera Kotsyuba
Managing Editor

Lera Kotsyuba is an editor, art critic and art historian based in Toronto. Working across disciplines in architectural history and craft, she has recently been working as a contributing writer and researcher for various publications, including FUSION Magazine, GLASHAUS, and Urban Glass. Lera has also edited a new book by Sarah Hall entitled “A Thousand Colours”, and convened a session at the 2017 Canadian Craft Biennale on Craft and Public Art. She currently serves as a board member of the William Morris Society.

Julie Nicholson
T 416 925 4222 Ext.228

Julie Nicholson is a creative place-maker, curator and advocate, exploring the intersection of contemporary craft and design in Canada for over 10 years. From 2006-2014, Julie was co-founder/owner of MADE, a design studio and showroom dedicated to emerging Canadian designer/makers. In 2009 she co-founded ToDO, The Toronto Design Offsite Festival. Julie has taught in the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College and worked on design projects with numerous clients and collaborators. She continues to develop curatorial and place-making activities through evolving platforms such as Do Design. As Publications Representative for Studio since 2014, Julie enjoys developing and managing relationships with individuals and organisations in support of the magazine.

Craft Ontario

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