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Vol. 10 No. 2

Vol. 10 No. 2

Fall / Winter 2015


Mammoth ivory, woven porcelain, crafted education, Welsh silver: Studio continues to revel in the remarkable choices that Canadians make to make. All creativity is deeply imbued with choices, but craft and design as we see it also engage choices long after the objects are made and displayed: how objects are consumed and used can be as important as the choices in their creation. We explore these many varieties of freedom throughout this issue, remembering how fortunate we are to be in the position to choose.

We must also take this opportunity to lament (but celebrate) the choice made by Managing Editor Jenn Neufeld to move onward into a new career. For over seven years in different capacities Jenn has steered Studio into our continually improving condition. How will we manage? Editor in Chief Leo Kowolik will take over Jenn’s roles, consolidating the two positions into a singular Editor role. This will give the position more cohesion and greater organizational strength. After all, Jenn would be impossible to replace.

– Leopold Kowolik and Gord Thompson

It’s been a true privilege for me to support makers and designers by showcasing some of the best of Canada’s craft and design world in this magazine. Thank you for the opportunity to immerse myself in this marvellous world of innovative design, creativity, social responsibility, political passion and, of course, your incredible work. The time I’ve spent with Studio has been extraordinary – and I can’t wait to see the next issue.

– Jenn Neufeld


Congratulations and announcements

Under the Radar
Spotting lesser known talent

Eight makers at play

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow discusses Fogo Island and the Shorefast Foundation

Preview: Crossing Material Boundaries
Robin Metcalfe previews Alexandra McCurdy RCA

Review: Out of the Ordinary
Bruno Andrus reviews Lou Lynn at Centre Materia in Quebec City

Review: The Language of Craft
Virginia Stephen reviews the Alberta Craft Council show

From North Bay, Ontario


Squaring the Circle
Bettina Matzkuhn discovers what makes Circle Craft work and how making has changed in 40 years.

Here and now
3 makers draw from the material of Saskatchewan – Terri Fidelak shares the contemporary buzz.

Hammer and tongs at CanIronX
From around the world, blacksmiths gathered in Cape Breton for a major celebration – Hugh Fraser was there.

Ever more for MAWA
Jennifer Smith shares the power and joy of Manitoba’s Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

Mammoth Ivory
Archaeological beauty made into jewellery – Meg Walker introduces ancient Ivory and those working it.

Not everything valuable can be measured
Hilary Masemann shares her experience in High School after a promising craft career beginning.

Wales calling home
John Wright profiles Canadian metalsmith Mary Ann Simmons whose new British home has made her very welcome.

Clare Twomey
Raphael Yu reflects on an important Gardiner show.

Vol. 11 No. 1

Vol. 11 No. 1

Vol. 10 No. 1

Vol. 10 No. 1